Who am I? How do I know? What do I do? Three short questions addressing identity-short but slippery questions; questions that are as relevant in the lives of our learners here at Studio BE: Youth Revolution as they are to us, and you, for that matter. Studio BE: Youth Revolution offers an environment where self-discovery is not only supported, but is also facilitated. A script is nothing more than ink on a page; the skeleton of a story. Performers must infuse each theatrical creation with relatability, which is where the several variations of the human experience come into play. The lives, experiences, backgrounds, identities, and perspectives of our learners matter. Our innovative lesson plans incorporate social involvement with the basics of performance. This approach helps develop the confidence to take risks and the conviction to grow and participate in the world around us. Any good story revolves around a dramatic question. Studio BE: Youth Revolution is a place where we invite everyone to ask the biggest questions. And we ask them together. Studio BE: Youth Revolution programming is designed to be the launching pad for learners who wish to pursue a professional and/or academic career in the performing arts, as well as experience personal development and social awareness. Introducing the nitty-gritty of performance basics to learners at an early age will give them an advantage over their contemporaries, as well as an accelerated understanding of the art form from which to build and flourish.
 ~Ms. Tamara


Studio BE: Youth Revolution
 is an ambitious, non-profit, performing-arts training and development program available to all interested learners. Our in-house programs and classes are designed to be high-energy, trans-formative experiences instilling character assets of work ethic, perseverance, commitment, and integrity. BE Youth Revolution Outreach programs facilitate a basis of confidence, public speaking, physical presentation, and creative analysis, in addition to the focused material of the session. By connecting imagination with discipline, integrity, and ensemble we open doors for excellence, self- discovery, and social perspective that transcend the classroom. Our commitment to proper technique, discipline, and individual attention cultivates an environment that will foster creativity, self- esteem, ambition, and ultimately excellence in the performing arts and beyond…
Studio BE Youth Revolution provides need-based scholarship to more than half of our learners. All access. No barriers. Come BE with us~