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SBYR: STAGES is a living body of originally devised work created, sustained, and maintained by Studio BE Youth Revolution. Its aim is to tackle the issues surrounding today’s teenage youth by directly targeting taboo “unapproachable” subjects through research, conversation, and theatrical discourse.

A direct product of our DEVISED classroom series confronting issues of identity facing adolescents today, STAGES materializes as an ever-evolving body of work, exploring issues inherent in the identity development of young adults through interview, research, and conversation. It can be experienced as episodes belonging to themed bodies of work in either audio/literary format, or through theatrical production. Each episode will ultimately be accompanied by an original multi-disciplinary curriculum written specifically for that STAGES saga by its creators and their collaborators.

The mission of STAGES is to provide adolescents and young adults access to engaging, relevant, ethical, and above all, REAL information that they need in order to make informed, responsible choices; to provide fact and perspective that is easy to relate to in such a fashion that once learned, is not easily forgotten. Open minds. Create options. Affirm instincts. And make them feel.


Puberty. Gender. Sex. Love.

An inquiry-driven exposé confronting biological, cultural, and socio-emotional experiences of adolescent sexual development, Puberty. Gender. Sex. Love. speaks in a language that resonates with young people, and highlights issues that are generally left more comfortably in the dark.


                      (as each episode develops, individual pieces will be listed in italics. So far, this is what we’ve got!)


 Discharge by Tamara Drew

Genitals’ presented by Murican Girls’ Dolls an excerpt from Jane Fonda’s ‘Being A Teen’

OOH! OOH! I Know This! Puberty Trivia Ensemble Devised


OOH! OOH! I Know This! Gender Trivia Ensemble Devised


Ulterior Motives: Wendy & Peter Pan by Tamara Drew

Interview segment with Jason William Fisher of SEXhaustED

What Comes Out by Ben Locke

That GRINDR Grind… by Ben Locke

OOH! OOH! I Know This! Sex Ed Trivia Ensemble Devised


Yours Is A Selfish Love by Ben Locke

Interview segment with Jason William Fisher of SEXhaustED


Puberty, gender anatomy, gender identity, ‘firsts’, sexual assault, geo-social dating, porn, and love are the topics confronted in this theatrical live or radio production for teens, by teens of yesterday & today.

Trigger Warnings: Rape/Sexual Assault