Studio BE YAC (Young Adults Council)

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Kiah Mckirnan (President):  Kiah is a sophomore at Lincoln Park High School. As President, she is in charge of making sure poignant ideas are addressed at meetings, enforcing and supporting the duties and ideas of all members of the council- both on the executive and liaison board, serving as the lead public figure of the YAC and speaking for them at any event where an audience is present. She is also the student liaison to the Studio BE: Youth Revolution Board of Directors. Kiah has been at Studio BE for three years now, and cannot wait to see Studio BE: Youth Revolution grow with the YAC into a something really, really great.


Brandon Waller (Vice President): Brandon is a sophomore at Whitney M. Young Magnet High School. As Vice President, he is responsible for communicating any information to the Board of Representatives, and providing trouble shooting for them, delegating them to the correct person to assist the their endeavor. He is the main supervisor, support, and vein of communication to the YAC Board of Representatives. He will also assume presidential responsibilities in any event where the President cannot be present.


Emily Beckert (Secretary):  Emily is a sophomore at Whitney M. Young Magnet High School. As Secretary she is in charge of all schedules and meeting notes. She also is editor for all documents that are presented for the group. She is the president’s “right hand man” and oversees all councilmen’s schedules and responsibilities.



Naomi Oster (Treasurer):  Naomi is a junior at Lane Tech College Prep High School. As treasurer, she is the bearer of all things financial, she maintains the YAC budget, prepares deposits, delegates funds, facilitates the execution of collection of monies at events, and reports financial conditions at the monthly All Council Meeting. Naomi has been at Studio BE for over four years now.


Melody DeRogatis (Personal Outreach/School Coordinator):  Melody is a sophomore at Lincoln Park High School. Her position involves reaching out to the newcomers at Studio Be, and making sure they feel welcome and comfortable, as well as making sure everyone gets recognized for special occasions such as their birthdays. As school coordinator her position involves making sure that word of public events and opportunities gets out to all people within the Be community and surrounding friends at various schools. She has been at the wonderful Studio Be for almost a year now.


McKenna Batterson (Public Outreach):  McKenna Batterson is a junior at the Chicago High School for the Arts. The position of the Public Outreach official requires establishing a relationship with the community outside of Studio Be in a positive and purposeful way. This includes creating volunteer opportunities, hosting donation drives, and brainstorming ways of effectively contributing to local charities. McKenna has been at Studio Be for three wonderfully fulfilling years.

Dagny Tracy (Event Coordinator): Dagny Tracy is a junior at Whitney M. Young High School. As Event Coordinator she is in charge of enforcing the scheduling, planning, budgeting, assembling, and execution of all YAC events, including fundraisers as well as appointing committees, enforcing deadlines, and facilitating the completion of all tasks that are related to YAC sponsored events. She has been at Studio Be for three years and has enjoyed every minute of it.